Hi, I’m Ralph Kalsi. I’m the Managing Director of One Stop Media, a Melbourne-based digital agency. This is my story.

A market in transition

Ralph Kalsi

My journey began as a bright-eyed digital marketer navigating the complicated Australian digital marketing world. As I worked with various clients and businesses, it became clear to me that everyone was aware of the sheer transformative power of digital marketing. But it was an increasingly complex and confusing area to navigate, especially for clients whose skillset was geared towards running their business, not running marketing campaigns. Smart clients would know when to rely on outside expertise to drive growth. The challenge for them was finding the right marketing partner. A partner who could actually help them grow their business.

Buzzwords, KPI’s and other lies
As a hands-on digital marketing specialist, I was puzzled to see agencies and experts charging literally thousands of dollars for things like banner ads or traffic which made great case studies but didn’t impact their client’s business.
That’s when it hit me: there was a huge gap in the industry. A lot of players were selling clients on strategies, impressions, click-through-rates, social reach and a whole bunch of other metrics, but no one was talking about the bottom line: Return on investment. No one was talking about the results that would directly impact their client’s bottom line.

An idea is born
There had to be a better way. That is where the vision for a different kind of digital agency came into being. I began One Stop Media with a simple goal: Help clients implement clear, proven solutions that convert marketing spend into tangible ROI. Real revenue generation. Real customer conversion. Real sales.


Result-Driven digital marketing

Starting from that simple lightbulb moment, we grew from two coffee-fuelled guys in a garage in 2014 to diverse team of 35 marketing pros today. We’ve helped clients increase their business by over 500% by focusing on the proven fundamentals of digital marketing and executing them brilliantly. Now we’re expanding our repertoire to include cutting-edge technologies like Blockchain and Chatbots to give our clients every advantage in a very competitive market.

One Stop Media: The agency made to help Australian SMEs

Today, One Stop Media is a full-service digital marketing agency with a clear mission: help Australian companies rise above the competition and help them reach their full business potential. With specialist knowledge of the Australian digital landscape, we are strongly positioned towards providing our clients with great service, great marketing, and above all, great results.