About Ralph Kalsi

Hi, I’m Ralph Kalsi, an expert growth hacker that specialises in blockchain technology and digital marketing. I’m the Managing Director of One Stop Media and Blockchain Australia, both Melbourne-based agencies. This is my story.

A market in transition

My journey began as a bright-eyed digital marketer navigating the complicated Australian digital marketing world. I soon recognised the unparalleled possibilities digital marketing tools could have on business growth. As I worked with various clients and businesses, it became clear to me that businesses remained unaware of the sheer transformative power of the digitalised space. I was one of the first to recognise the shift from print marketing to the digital space, and resolved to assist businesses in leveraging this technology for business expansion.

An idea is born

With this in mind, I began One Stop Media. A digital marketing agency with a difference. Away from the trends and buzzwords, I resolved to focus solely on business growth, tangible ROI and real customer conversions.

Blockchain Australia

I founded Blockchain Australia with some clear objectives in mind. To provide consulting and enterprise solutions related to this emerging space and to connect businesses with the transformative power of this technology.
Since its inception, Blockchain Australia continues to be an innovator in blockchain knowledge and adoption. We represent the growing tide in Australia for technological advancement and continue to provide blockchain services such as cryptocurrency wallet, ICO and STO development.

Digital Pioneer

My extensive background in business consultancy and digital marketing made me acutely aware of the digitalised landscape and emerging digital ecosystems. As such, when blockchain technology hit the scene, I quickly identify the disruptive possibilities this technology could have on a range of industries. I adapted my thinking and became an active proponent of blockchain implementation and adoption, I soon became an expert in blockchain technology, smart contracts and cryptocurrencies.

The Future Is Bright

Having fostered meaningful partnerships with acknowledged experts and innovators, I have established Blockchain Australia as a globally recognised blockchain leader. I remain a fierce advocate for blockchain adoption and expansion and foster the development of this technology with regular workshops that equip emerging professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to harness blockchain technology. Edit
Google and Blockchain certified I continue to be a pioneer in emerging digital ecosystems